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tv   ABC7 News Weekly  ABC  September 19, 2010 11:35pm-12:05am EDT

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captioned by the national captioning institute as the tea party boasts more victories in the primary, it is not republicans that are celebrating, it is democrats, and an old video has a tea party candidate in the spotlight again. >> the tea party is knocking out establish republican candidates and giving democrats a chance. the latest example? delaware. out anne o'donnell took opponent. she left a colorful statement on the internet.
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>> one of my first dates was on a satanic alter. -- altar. >> there have been serious questions about her background and actions. >> she later responded. how many of you did not hang out with questionable folks in high school? senator lee said rakowski lost a nomination to a tea party rival and is now a ride in kit -- note senator -- senator murkowski loss to her nomination to a tea party rival and is now a write- in candidates.
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they are dominating the conversation in d.c. and are likely to do so for some time to come. we have more on the growing strength of this conservative movement. thanks so much for joining us tonight. i want to start with christine o'donnell. another bombshell has dropped. >> the republicans are really struggling to figure out what to do with this. she is an unconventional candidate. it was thought that the republican who has been in congress along time was absolutely going to win this race. and they are not having a very good moment. >> there were some, quote, nutty comments that she made, and she was on "politically incorrect,"
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where she talks about dabbling in witchcraft. >> i think we're going to see more of this. this is one more thing that adds to the egocentricity of her candidacy. -- and adds to the eccentric ity of her candidacy. it is a little odd. >> the tea party is celebrating this win. republicans are biting their nails right now. >> you heard charles krauthammer say over the weekend in "the washington post" that sarah palin and jim demint are irresponsible. >> it makes it that much harder for them to take back the senate.
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the senator in alaska it is now going to be running as a write- in candidate. this is a real soul-searching time for the republican party. they are potentially taking victories from them that they would have gotten in november. >> do you see any strategy coming out to see how they are going to do this? deal with this divisiveness in the party note -- in the party? >> i would be very surprised if washington republicans go win and get the full backing for christine o'donnell. basically, it will stay in the hands of the democrats. i think you will see them focusing, the republicans focusing on races they think they can win. >> let's talk about the bush tax
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cuts that are set to expire. this could be another showdown. raising taxes for everyone. we are running out of time before congress breaks and we get to the midterm. to be a lame duck session after the elections. the democrats love this issue. -- it could be in the lame-duck session after the elections. this could force the republicans to say they want to extend the tax cuts for everyone. for democrats, this is a very good thing for them to be having. >> when things start back to get boring, things get back on track.
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from politico, thank you. and a murder charge against a suspect accused in a string of serial stabbings could be announced tomorrow. prosecutors in michigan are expected to announce five new charges against him, including at least one murder charge. he is expected -- suspected in stabbings in michigan and ohio and also in three non fatal attacks in virginia. the owner of the egg farm that is involved in the salmonella my cases is expected to have an answer. koran hundred 26 positive results of salma non between 2008 and 2010, -- results of salmonella. there is one person testifying on wednesday. also on wednesday, a month-long august up the virginia department of transportation will be released. -- a month-long audit of the
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virginia department of transportation will be released. .it is predicted the audit would lead to major changes at vdot. coming next, details that affects emergency workers from september 11. " plus, education in this country. the d.c. school system and michelle rhee, the chancellor. i am indeed belfort furniture weather center. what can we expect for the upcoming work week? what can we expect for the upcoming work week? how does that work?
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the people behind the plan islamic center in lower manhattan will be standing their ground -- behind the play and ned mic center -- the plan islamic center. this week, a vote is scheduled for a bill that will provide free health care to first responders and ground zero. some emergency workers held a rally. many workers believe that dust from the crumbling buildings made them sick. the measure would pay of the to $7.40 billion in health-care costs and compensation over tenures -- the measure would pay up to $7.40 billion in health- care costs and compensation over
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10 nyears. a longtime senator was defeated in one election, but arlen specter is now backing the other. and gordon gekko is backed at the box office -- is back. shia takes over for charlie no sheen. the movie was resurrected after the financial collapse of 2008. and the d.c. schools chancellor is the hero of a new documentary opening. "waiting for superman." note the red carpet premiere was already held. it is from the same director that did al gore's "an
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inconvenient truth." the nationals are home this week, and the atlanta braves are on friday through sunday. d.c. united is also home this week. they dynamo are coming. still to come, more on those on popular p [ son ] my parents have always lived in the states. until two years ago, when my dad transferred to istanbul. they settled in quickly. found their local deli. a few shortcuts. and a neighborhood hangout. but there's one thing they miss. their beloved hometown team. so i asked citi -- how many thankyou points it would take to give them something special. their old seats, 5 and 6, row c. [ male announcer ] citi thankyou points can be used for almost anything you choose. what's your story? citi can help you write it.
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taking a look at our top stories tonight, a man from leesburg is charged with murdering his wife. steven combs-lafleur is being held at the loudoun county detention center without bail. taking a new look at parking meter hours, vincent gray says he will. some leaders require payment until 10:00 p.m., and it generates up to $6 million in the district, but it drives away customers. and a big loss for the redskins tonight. they played the houston texans. they lost in overtime, the score 30-27. >> heartbreaking. >> it was.
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beautiful, beautiful weather. it does not get much better. cooler, drier, and i'd love september in d.c. the lincoln memorial, a beautiful, beautiful evening. but a cold front brought a few showers to montgomery county, but they went away earlier this evening. they are passing through the metro area. three stops on our weatherbug network,. 70 degrees in leesburg after a high of 84. germantown, 73. 73 currently at children's hospital. there was a high of 83. the official high at reagan was above average. 85 degrees for a high temperature. 96 was set back in 1895, a longstanding record.
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64 at state college. northern wisconsin, minnesota, quiet conditions across the mid- atlantic. this is igor. maximum sustained winds at 75 miles per hour. this is passing to the west of bermuda. this is not going to affect the mainland of the united states. this is off of the coast of the delmarva peninsula. fortunately, this is not going to impact it. a nice shot of colder, drier air, lots of sunshine to enjoy. temperatures about 5:00 a.m. eight degrees cooler than what we had today, upper 70's to near 80. -- temperatures about 5 to 80 degrees cooler. -- 8 degrees cooler.
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in the morning, clouds will remain. by afternoon, near 80 with lots of sunshine, low humidity levels. the winds will start to pick up just a little bit, out of the north at 8 to 12 miles per hour. summer will officially arrived -- come to an end. it will feel a lot like august, near 90 degrees on thursday and friday. we would be just one degree shy of tying the record7 da of 90-degree-plus in washington. >> you basically have to have four days over 90 degrees. haute to break the record. >> yes. we have plenty of time.
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>> all right. all right, still to come on "washington weekly" -- >> burning fat. "washington weekly" -- >> burning fat.
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well, some people have tried just about everything to burn away fat, including liposuction, and now, some are freezing it away. this is the first time the fda
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has approved this technique, which is not invasive. >> she is about to be frozen, using a new technology called cold sculpting. they are protecting her skin from frostbite, and then come a vacuum like device freezes the fat inside. the good news? her fat cells are not going to survive the cold. >> they are destroyed much more easily than if we were trying to keep to them. >> her body would absorb them naturally over the next couple of weeks. >> there is no incision or postoperative recovery. you feel some coldness, but that goes away after the first 10 minutes. >> here at the washington institute of dermatological laser surgery, doctors
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some iconic memory abelia is going on the auction block, hundreds of items, including frank sinatra's lighter, part of the statue of liberty's nose, and many copies of that were made before the right one was created. >> plastic surgery. >> she looks great. also up for auction, tablets from "the 10 commandments" movie. pretty amazing. let's take a look at what is going on with our forecast. lots of sunshine, low humidity. on tuesday, much warmer, wednesday and thursday, near 90 degrees. it will feel a lot like summer.
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